XIX Meeting Internationale MULTISTARS 2006
Desenzano del Garda (Brescia), 13 - 14 maggio


The competition's bibs numbers will be delivered during the meeting and must be fixed on the back (except for the jumping events).
The lanes numbers must be put on the right side.

The athletes are divided in two groups: A and B.
In each group there are two heats for the sprint events (if the athletes are 8 or less, there will be just one heat).

After the first day of competition, the athletes that don't want to compete in the second day should inform the IAAF delegate.

Women’s high jump:        146 +   3 cm.
Men’s high jump:             170 +   3 cm.
Pole vault:                        340 + 10 cm.

All the personal implements must be given on the first day of competition at 10 a.m. and they will be put in the area 20 minutes before the beginning of the competition. Then, all the other competitors can use these implements.

The high jump's and pole vault's springboards will be marked with A and B, which corresponds to the groups.

- For the javelin, the first athletes finishing pole vault will form the first group.

**The athletes should be on time for the field events.


The following snacks will be available on the competition field:
- sandwiches;
- mineral water (with and without gas);
- drinks (coke, orange juice, tonic water, beer);
- Gatorade;
- fruits (apples, lemons, bananas).

**        Sunday at 9.00 PM  Buffet dinner and Award Ceremony
        at: The Garda Village  - Sirmione


  1. The Sports Association "CLUB 10 + 7" of Salò (BS) organises an international mee­ting, for male/female and juniors/seniors athletes, called "XVIII International meeting MULTISTARS" of Combined Events – IAAF permit - to be held on 13th – 14th May 2006 in Desenzano del Garda (Brescia), at the "Tre Stelle" Stadium.
  2. The track and the springboards are in "Sportflex super X"; the athletes will not wear shoes with more than 6 mm spikes.
  3. The technical program includes male and female events of decathlon and heptathlon.
  4. Italian and foreign athletes that will be invited by the organizer can compete in this meeting.
  5. The athletes’ entries must arrive at the organizing association with the seasonal best performance and the club/nation.
  6. Organising responsible:

Lombardi Gianni
via G. Garibaldi, 101
25077 Roé Volciano (BS) Italy - tel ./fax 0365/42324
E-mail: multistars@libero.it - barbaralombardi@hotmail.com

  1. The athletes’ participation will be confirmed to the Jury Appeal one hour before the beginning of the first event; all the participations that have not been confirmed will be cancelled.
  2. The athletes, after confirming their participation (as in the art. 6 of this regulation), must be, without other call, at the disposal of the Jury of Appeal 20 minutes before the first event; otherwise they will be excluded from the competition.
  3. Each draw (lanes, start order, etc) will be made by the director during the meeting the evening before the competition.


  1. The height’s progression for the vertical jumps will be the following:

High jump - decathlon 170 + 3cm;
Pole vault - decathlon  340 + 10cm;
High jump -          heptathlon 146 + 3 cm.

  1. The meet of the jury, chronometers and athletes will be on Saturday 7th May 2005 at 8.00 a.m., the competition will start at 10.00 a.m.; Sunday 8th May 2005 at 8.00 a.m. with beginning of the competition at 9.30 a.m.
  2. In case of complains: they must be presented immediately in a written form to the jury of the competition (fee 100 US$) and in second instance to the Jury of Appeal (100 US$).
  3. The first 8 athletes will be awarded.
  4. Some logistic details to reach the competition venue:

Station: Desenzano del Garda
Airport: Verona "Catullo"; Milan "Malpensa" / "Linate"
Highway: A4.

  1. For the other rules that are not specified here, please refer to the IAAF and the F.I.D.A.L. rules of this year.
Station Train: Desenzano del Garda;    
Autostrada: A 4.

24/02/2006                               (Meeting Director)   Gianni Lombardi